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Budgeting for a Basement Reno...

A basement renovation is the most cost effective way to add usable square footage to your home. There is a lot to consider when renovating your basement such as space use and materials choice. A professional quality basement renovation will add a significant amount of value to your home, often times recouping most of the cost of the renovation.


Compared to other rooms in the home, a basement renovation is also certainly one of the biggest projects to work on. The spaces are large, and there is usually the desire for a bathroom in this space, and maybe a bedroom or two.  

Finished basements are often done by non professionals and on the cheap. This has resulted in many basements being "finished" but not usable due to them being cold and dark. There is a lot to consider when finishing your basement and often times the budgets are large. Furthermore, The City of Ottawa requires all basement renovations to have a building permit and for good reason. There are many building code related issues the average person wouldn't be aware of and this is where a professional contractor steps in. The Ottawa Renovation Group has finished many basement spaces and we highly recommend obtaining building permits for your basement renovation project to ensure you get a comfortable and beautiful finished space. 

For more info on permits - click here

It is near impossible to put a price on a basement without discussion about the space. However, our average client's basement renovation project would land in the $35,000 - $70,000 price range although this is highly variable on size of room, layout chosen, lighting products chosen, if there is a bathroom and the need for a legal bedroom.  

Products and Materials

The following products are preferred products that Ottawa Renovation Group uses during a basement renovation:

  • Roxul insulation is a water resistant insulation that has much better water, mold, and mildew repellant qualities than the standard pink insulation. The cost increase is fairly minimal and this is what I would use in my home

  • Dricore subfloor in my opinion, when renovating a basement, a professional quality subfloor should always be considered. The cost for such products adds to the project but is well worth the money. It not only protects your investment but makes the floor feel so much warmer


There is an endless list of products to be used in an Ottawa basement renovation. The two above are two products that are highly recommended in any basement. From treated Bluwood to spray foam insulation there are many options and some will benefit your basement while others would not be needed and potentially be a wasteful use of money. Every basement is different and could benefit from different building methods and products. For more information on building products and your basement renovation give us a call.


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