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A bathroom is probably only second to a kitchen on most homeowners list of rooms to renovate. The use of a bathroom space has changed significantly over the years where large tiled in tubs and small showers used to be common, thankfully that is no longer the case. Large showers with glass doors and smaller stand alone soaker tubs are now what everyone wants. More specific lighting, higher end finishes, double vanities, heated floors, multiple shower heads, the list of options in a bathroom is endless. We are all too familiar with this type of project. 

As the choices are so vast in a bathroom and it is very common to be making bathroom spaces larger it is difficult to put a price on a bathroom without additional details as each one is unique. That being said, the cost of an average bathroom for one of our clients generally lands in the $23,000 - $35,000 price range with it being rare to fall outside of that range.

Common Materials

I pride myself on being knowledgeable about what materials are used in a bathroom because there's a lot of potential for disaster in here! You want to make sure that the materials used - especially the ones you won't see when the project is done - are the best. Waterproofing certain areas of your bathroom is very important.

The following are some products that we use regularly. I have zero connection to or investment related to my mentions of these products. I use them because they work. It's as simple as that. 

  • Schluter Ditratile underlayment is the best tile underlayment in the industry. It is waterproof to protect your subfloor, an uncoupling membrane to protect from cracking, and is thin allowing a flooring transition to be accomplished seamlessly

  • Densshield: tile backer is a gypsum board with a waterproof membrane on the surface. This is our preferred material for an ordinary shower tile installation. It is cost effective and it works. I have taken apart 25 year old bathrooms that looked terrible on the surface and yet the densshield underneath the tiles still looked brand new and solid

  • Schluter Kerdi Shower Systems:  Schlüter makes the best tiling products available, period. Their products are naturally also the most expensive to not only purchase but also to install. In certain cases though the increased cost is absolutely necessary. When creating a custom shower with inset shelving, benches, or tiled floors I won't use anything but the Schluter line of products. Backed by great warranties and a long track record of successful installations, you can rest easy knowing your shower will last the test of time


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