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A barn door project...

Yes, I am the owner of Ottawa Renovation Group and while it is a full time job and often more than that, I do enjoy home projects even in my downtime.

Last year, I became a dad for the first time. While we were so happy to have the little man in our lives, it did make us aware of how close our bedrooms are when living in a bungalow. I decided that I wanted to create a barn door to close off the hallway and bedrooms from the main living space, hoping to dull the noises and give the illusion of separation!

We went with a simple design and used barn door hardware from amazon.

We are still unsure how we want to finish off the wood, whether it be a clear matte finish or a stain, but for now we are quite happy! I will say, it does not diminish the sound as much as I would like, but it does cut the light from blasting down the hall right into the wee ones room.

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