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Renovations and Adding Rentable Dwelling Space

The province recently passed legislation that permits three units, as-of-right, on a lot. This means that if you own a home, you might be able to renovate your existing home to add a second or third dwelling unit within it.

While the idea of rental income has appeal, turning an under-utilized basement, or other living space, into rentable square footage has a process if it is to be done right. Permits are needed and there are specific building code rules to follow to ensure the safety of everyone. With the rising cost of homes and the rise in multi-generational living, it is expected that renovations on existing homes to convert living spaces to dwelling units will become more and more common. Ottawa Renovation Group can help guide you through this process and make sure that the space you want to create is code-compliant for the safety of both your family and your future tenants.

Some helpful links:

Ontario Please note that this link has not been updated to include changes from the More Homes Built Faster Act 2022

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